Who Am I?

Who Is De Von D.?

I am De Von D. from the rough inner city neighborhoods of Milwaukee, WI.  I graduated from Milwaukee High School of the Arts and today own multiple businesses.  I grew up with challenges just like a lot of people.  At an early age I knew I had to make a decision whether I was going to be a product of my environment, or create my own path.  Near the end of my senior year of high school I knew there were two things I did not want to do.  One was go to college, and the second was sell drugs.  I had no mentors, no resources, and no money.  So I knew that I had to use my talents and my willingness to learn and absorb information to be my strength to guide me.  

But I knew the information I was seeking was out there somewhere. I just had to find it!  So I traveled the country searching for examples, mentors, seminars, and information from anyone who could help me gain mental, financial, emotional, and social freedom.  I had to see my patterns and learned to turn them into blueprints.  I failed so many times that I eventually became successful. I have spent over 2 decades putting together my life so I can beat the odds that were against me.  I learned how to stop looking out the window and start looking in them mirror.  I learned how to allow GOD into my entire self and understand how to use the powers he gave me.  I learned how to put in my request and align myself to it then let God do his job.  I found mentors and other people with specific sets of skills to teach me.   

One thing I never wanted to be is one of those people who shut their doors on me when I was seeking to find success.  I learned how to be responsible to people and not for them.  I made it my life mission, a mission to help and be a resource to those who have made the decision to seek it out. - De Von D. "The World Is Watchin"